Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The worst hair and skincare mistakes you may be making

When it comes to looking after your hair and skin, you know exactly what to do, but do you know what not to do? Here are some of the hair and skincare mistakes you may inadvertently be making.
You’ve bought the expensive make up, got a fancy hair cut and are all set to dazzle the world with your sleek look. But are there some things you may be doing wrong? Find out if you’re making these skin and hair care mistakes.

The worst hair and skincare mistakes you may be making

Sleeping with make up on – After a long night of partying, it’s so tempting to just take off your shoes and hit the bed. But sleeping with heavy make up on is one of the worst things you can do to your skin. Not only are you clogging your pores, which can lead to acne; you’re also subjecting your skin to the free radicals from the environment that your make up clings on to. This can result in eeks! premature ageing and who needs that?

Washing your face with scalding hot water – Hold back on the super hot water for your face as that can damage your blood vessel. Instead, wash your face with lukewarm water and you’ll be fine.

Too much or too little exfoliation – Exfoliation is an important part of skincare as it removes the dead cells from your skin. However, be careful not to overdo it, or conversely, not exfoliate at all. Ideally, you should exfoliate your face once or twice a week (never on two successive days) and if you have dry or sensitive skin, try and stick to just once a week or once in 10 days.

Leaving oil in your hair all day – Ladies! Read carefully because this is important. When it comes to oiling hair, it’s the massage that’s really important. Do not leave oil in your hair all day as it will just attract dirt and clog your pores, leading to hair fall. Massage your scalp well, leave the oil in for an hour and then wash it off.

Not moisturising for fear of acne – There is a myth amongst those prone to acne that applying a moisturiser will aggravate the acne. This is untrue and can actually lead to excessive oil production from the skin, which may cause another acne breakout. Pick an oil-free moisturiser and ensure your skin is well-hydrated at all times.

Not getting enough sleep – This one’s a rookie mistake! The best care for your skin is a nice long restful sleep. So don’t be up watching movies all night if you have college or work the next day. Make sure you get your beauty sleep and keep your skin looking young and fresh.

Smoking – That’s right, guys! In addition to being bad for your lungs, heart and general health, smoking is one of the fastest ways you can age your skin. Smoking can cause bags under your eyes, darkening of lips and even increases your chances of getting psoriasis. Sigh! Still need a reason to quit?

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